Why you should hire me


Once I start something, I'll make sure it gets finished to the highest possible standard.
"It's 3am, why are you still in the office?" - Jazz Jefferies, Media EO


I know how to make a brilliant cup of tea and a fantastic cup of coffee.
"Thank you so much, that's lovely" - Julia Bradbury


I take pride in my work, so every project I work on is of a high caliber.
"This is the most beautiful colouring I've ever seen" - Kayla, the waitress at Tesco Café

Hi, I’m Lucie.

I’m a student of Media and Communications at Loughborough University and the Station Manager for Loughborough Campus Radio.
Feel free to take a look around this site to see the things I’ve done.If you’re interested in what I’ve got to offer, I’m available to hire for just three easy payments of $29.99.

That’s not true.

But still look around. 

Work I've done

A brief overview of relevant positions I've held. For more detail, see my portfolio.
Loughborough Campus Radio

Loughborough Campus Radio

Station Manager & Content Producer

I am the Station Manager for LCR. I am responsible for a team of over 20 volunteers, along with managing scheduling, music programming, social media, production, and post-production.

Talk Radio

Talk Radio

Assistant Producer

Over the summer of 2018, I completed an internship at Talk Radio in London. Here, I worked with the producers of Eastworld to generate content for the shows, as well as liaising with guests.

Coleg Sir Gâr

Coleg Sir Gâr

Llais Y Graig - Editor

I created Coleg Sir Gâr's first student-run newspaper - Llais Y Graig, the bilingual publication distributed to secondary schools in the area in order to promote the college and its students.

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